Film VS Digtal

6 Rolls, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom and 2 hours.  Sure its a little bit more intensive but processing your own film is way more rewarding than just downloading from a memory card to your computer.  There is the smell of the chemicals, being able to touch negatives, actually having to pay attention so you don’t lose your photos and then its a great backup because if your computer crashes you have them… they aren’t gone, because they actually exist, they are tangible.  Digital/ Virtual does have its place but it doesn’t replace the traditional format of film.



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2 responses to “Film VS Digtal

  1. Hey Shaun…
    Don’t worry, the pendulum is still in swing and what is now considered old school, will be rediscovered again sometime in the future as a “new discovery.” Unfortunately for them, I don’t think this will apply to aging rock stars. 😉
    PS Don’t throw out your Hawaiian shirt collection just yet.

  2. Love the shot and post. Kevin can “smell” it too ;o)


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