Event photography

I like to approach event photography a little bit different.  It seems to me most people want the happy portrait holding, hugging and the smile that says I am happy happy happy.  I will give them those, but you need to give the client something they are not expecting this is why they hire you, to capture those moments you may not see.  The 2 pictures I have below are such moments I believe.  This child was playing all by himself by this car and no one was paying attention to him.  This may not be a very important picture in the history of photography but I believe it could be an important picture to his family.  It marks a time in this boys life and what he looked like, missing teeth and all.  The couple I named them Delores and Clint is the first picture in a series of 2 this one they were getting ready for the picture to be taken, it shows an honesty, who they are.  The next picture which isn’t here are the ones with the fake smiles and you don’t wonder who they are, they have lost a human connection which draws the viewer in.  So thats all I got.


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  1. euh this pic is RAD ! (2nd) like really really really amazing !!! B.R.A.V.O.

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