wow… I’ve been busy, in fact so busy…

I don’t know how to proof read and thanks to my friend Kendall for reading my previous post back to me via Skype I realized I should re-enter this post so I don’t sound like a  grade 3 ESL student.

In the last month I have been working on various commercials, contracts and some photography jobs and I haven’t been updating very regularly.

This is Bob he is from Pattison in Calgary.  Pattison commissioned me to do some corporate portraits for them, and although corporate headshots can be really boring I wanted to get something I could use for myself.  So here we are.  I blew out the shirt  a bit by accident and since I just wanted to get some new presence up on my blog I decided it was a small enough oversight I could post the picture.  This was inspired by both the HSBC campaign up now and Platon.  Up next more corporate headshots next week for Transcanada Pipeline



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3 responses to “wow… I’ve been busy, in fact so busy…

  1. Jen

    glad to see some of your stuff!

    nice portrait.

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