Well back in 2010 just after I finished school I shot  4 rolls of expired Agfa film ranging from 50-200 iso. Well I didn’t get  a lot out of these rolls, more just an experiment having never shot color film before. Well if you want to start shooting color film and know what real colors look like, maaaybe  don’t start with film from ’89 I went to school with people who were born that year. ( I just aged myself) But because I don’t have anything else to post right now here are a few I kind of liked. The local from Gatineau had the worst color shift, when I scanned it, with my new Epson V600(I know its no 750 but I don’t have an extra 700 bucks) it was just pink and blue so I just tried to do something with it.  So if anyone cares to know the story behind these pictures, I just walked around Gatineau and took pictures of stuff I thought might look cool on film. I think some great photographer said something like that. “I just wanted to know what it would look like in a picture.” Anyway thats it.


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