The end is near…

So this picture is to remind us of how brutal this winter has been. It could also, possibly, just maybe, be a reminder we can not command nature to serve us. She will do what she will and never apologize for what she has done.  Nature is not a commodity, it gives us life, it is perpetual. It was said by Ralph Waldo Emerson

“To speak truly few adult persons can see nature.”

The reason for this is people are so caught up in the race of life.  This race doesn’t have a winner, no man is better than another man and this is evident when you are out in nature, it is completely neutral. Now certainly if there was a threat to two men you would see who would have the keenest survival instinct, but this is an argument for another time. Although If you were to put a person from an affluent background and a person from a more modest, common life, I would imagine the commoner would be more delighted being in the mountains or  swimming in the ocean because the affluent person would be more concerned with their affairs instead of beholding the beauty in front of them.

This could get long winded. So this picture is just to show us we made it through another winter and the season is beginning to change, but also a reminder we need to respect nature and take the time to revel in it because it something which brings calmness from the everyday pace placed upon us, it can give us an escape if we let it.

I went for a bike ride today.



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2 responses to “The end is near…

  1. Lisbeth

    You’re speaking the truth and I like it. Well said.

  2. Amanda L

    Really love this image Shaun, nice work.

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