Am I wearing glasses?

So I am going to try something new on my blog, I am going to try to get people to engaged in my photography. From time to time I will post a picture, I will ask a question about it and I am going to see if people respond.  Every single one of us are big nerds these days, blogging, reading blogs, checking facebook, playing angry birds and seeing what up on Perez Hilton. We’re all happy in our little cyber world so maybe this will be  something else to bring excitement into our boring, distracted, anti social society.  So is this person wearing glasses?  I will post the answer on friday. If you venture a guess, you will receive a cyber pat on the back.



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6 responses to “Am I wearing glasses?

  1. Yes. the answer is yes.

  2. AJ

    I can’t tell. There’s a piece of paper over your eyes.

  3. rplotz

    Yes, yes you are!
    and may i have that cyber pat on the bum?

  4. Narges

    He is not wearing a glasses because the room is already dark 😐

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