Pond Hockey

Its been a while since I posted anything on this blog of mine, for a while I was really lost on what I wanted to do. Its been really tough to get motivated as I think is the case for a lot of photographers refining their craft. Trying to figure out what they are attempting to say with their work, thinking so hard about a project it impedes their work. Artists tend to live inside their head a lot of the time and it can kill the work. Without any reference to go off of how is it possible to tell if a project will succeed or fail if it isn’t created. If there is an idea floating around in the air it is better to just create it rather than contemplate how it will be perceived. The only way to break through the wall is to just create then what ever you want to say will come out eventually. So here are a couple of photos of 2 hockey players. It is our national past time, its winter, and its cold so they feel appropriate.


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