Top Ten of 2012

Top ten lists are fan favourites, everyone loves them and typically they come out before the end of the year, but I didn’t have the time between the gift buying and the drinking and the eating and the drinking and the visiting to really sit down to take the time to compile a list of the favourite TEN photos I took in the last year. Yup this is a completely self serving list. I suppose if I were to rationalize it, I could use this list to see how my work evolved over the course of the year. Although its just something to keep this blog going and show my work. Now some of the photos you will have seen and others you wouldn’t have seen, so without further ado….



This is Anouk, she was 5 when I took this, I think she is six now. This was the first shot of a about 20 I took of her, I told her I was just checking the light.



Liz, she is breath of fresh air, always honest and probably one of the wittiest people I have ever met.



I don’t take a lot of landscapes but I really like this one from Fortress Mountain. I was scouting for a car commercial when I shot this, I always will remember it as my favourite ski hill and the windiest until it was shut down. Now it is used for all sorts of movies, commercials, and photo shoots. This is where the final climactic scene in Inception takes place FYI.



Tony Kaye, the acclaimed director was working on a commercial here last January and I had the honour of driving him around. It was a very interesting experience.



This Hatchet is part of a series of hand tools used by my girlfriends father, he passed away a few years ago and I took the series for her family. If you look back at the blog I did some tools in colour, I think the black and white suits these objects more than the colour.


C'est Moi

Thats right, its me. How can I not!



This Lorrie Matheson, he is a Calgary singer/ songwriter/ producer and all around good dude. This portrait was taken for a project Vanessa Conely and I are working on called the Recon, so consider this a little teaser.



Moeed is the head of Al Jazeera New Media, I shot a couple of pictures of him at the TEDxYYc event in 2012. It truly is amazing what Twitter and Facebook did during the uprisings in the Middle East.


ChristianCampbellChristian Campbell was a surprise this year, met him on set of a film here in Calgary and we talked photography for almost 2 hours, I invited him to my studio and viola.



No other photo I took this year seemed to get as much attention as this one I took of a gentleman at the Millarville Races. His face tells a story like no other and even though he may look very intense in this photo, after I took it, he gave me a huge smile.

And there it is, the top ten pictures I took last year. Lets hope I take better ones this year!!!!



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2 responses to “Top Ten of 2012

  1. Lovely going through this pose. Love the photographs:)

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