Son, Brother, Man, Photographer.  Born in the Albertan North it didn’t take long before he was making the move to a small town outside of Calgary and began making his mark on history.  He began his visual endeavors at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in the Television Production program majoring in writing/directing.  After Shaun finished up there he headed west to the metropolis of Vancouver to work on Television Commercials.  Now its not what you think or maybe it is, drove people around, taking coffee orders and did a lot of photocopying… soon realizing this wasn’t for him, he packed up shop and went traveling, around the world.  This is where he  found photography as many do, he continued to grow, but reached a plateau after a couple of years, so he applied to the School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa a wonderful institution which elevated Shaun’s photography.  So here he finds himself continuing to take pictures and wondering what is next.


One response to “Bio

  1. I was doing a search on Joe Nolan and came upon your photograph! I had never heard his music before Stage 6, the last workshop of the festival Sunday afternoon. Anyway, it’s interesting how a search can bring you to another person with talent. Your work is amazing! Good to find your blog!

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